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Highlander Roofin  

New Build Roofing Services, 
Tiling & Slating, Lead Work ,  
Moss & Guttering cleaning ,
 Fascia & Soffit , Flat Roofs.   


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Highlander Roofing who are we ?
Firstly we like to keep things simple. We don't expect you to be an expert in our trade. So why would we expect you to undertsand the complex jargon used within the industry.  We will listen to your concerns with your roof, once we have done that we will provide an extensive assessment of the roof itself and then provide feedback and the options open to you.

We are a local family, living locally in Inverness., we have a great knowledge of the place and the people.  Darren has almost 2 decades of expertise in the roofing trade & Jen has 2 decades of Management, Customer care and Complaints.  Together we built Highlander Roofing. 

Highlander Roofing Guarantee to you, we are not in this to rip you off and take your money. We are in this for the long term. Highlander Roofing want to build a trusted long term relationship with each of our clients, with the confidence that they will come back time and time again. Place your trust in us, it's the highlander roofing way !

Our Goal ?.......... to improve the level of  standards and trust within the roofing industry locally.  Push the cowboys out ! and modernise the construction trade with the introuduction of woman as equal partners in the industry at any level. Finally to take our high level of skill and expertise and offer apprenticeships  to the young in the local area to build both them and their families a future. 

Our Plan ! ................ Let the clients know and understand us as people. We created a business page on Facebook and introduced ourselves and our work. We allowed our clients a personal insight into our lives and we provided  a close up stage by stage view of our work. We welcome direct contact with our clients and enjoy the many trusted long term relationships we have created along the way. 

We are a small family run roofing company, Working locally in Inverness, The Highlands & Islands. 

‘Darren’  started as an apprentice at the young age of 15, he is a man who takes great pride in his work. With almost 2 decades in the roofing industry, his skill, drive and passion has been firmly placed in the core structure of Highlander Roofing and all who work there.

‘Jen’  has 2 decades of expertise in customer care and Complaints. Jen is always happy to help with any roofing issues you wish to discuss and can be contacted by phone/txt, email or Facebook messenger at any time.

Our policy is to listen and work with our clients to ensure the highest level of customer care and completed work. Here at Highlander Roofing it is important we choose the right kind of employees. We believe that employers have a duty of care to their employees and they should be treated with dignity and respect. Darren and Jen carry out a process of trial at interview stage to ensure that all staff members prove the correct kind of attitude and ability to work at the highest level of standards & care. Darren & Jen work very closely with each employee passing on both their years of expertise on a one to one basis. 

Customer Care is something Highlander Roofing is passionate about and we will always appreciate and listen to feedback & suggestions
We are always happy to help and welcome any roofing enquiries you may have.